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What are we?

We are Health, we are Taste, we are a Surprise. We are VitaSnacks.

Vitasnack is an organic range of dried fruit and vegetables from Andalucía in southern Spain, made using a patented fast drying low temperature process. The result is delicious, with a unique crunchy texture and intense flavour packed full of antioxidants. Never has healthy food tasted so good!

We prepare our products from selected seasonal and organically certified fresh fruit and vegetables. We do not freeze or fry during preparation nor use chemical additives, fat, added salt or sugar.

Our process also maintains natural antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Lycopene and Polyphenols, present in products such as pepper, tomato, strawberry and apple.

It is long lasting, light and versatile, being ideal as a snack, canapé or salad topping, with desserts, yoghurt or ice cream, as an ingredient or accompaniment for cocktails.